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Scott Hand


  • Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Inco from April 2002 to January 2007 (retired)
  • Serves on the boards of directors of Chinalco Mining Corporation International, Legend Gold Corp. and a number of private mining and resource companies
  • Also serves on the board of Universal Helicopters LLC (an Inuit controlled company in Labrador) and was formerly a member of the board of World Wildlife Fund Canada


  • Executive Vice President, Marketing, at Vale Inco until February 2008
  • Former Executive Vice President, Marketing, at Inco from January 1997 to January 2007, based in Toronto
  • Has held positions in accounting, audit and finance with Inco in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong, since joining the company in 1970


  • Former President and Chief Operating Officer of Inco from February 2001 to November 2006
  • Director of a number of companies, including Lundin Mining Corporation
  • Has over 39 years of mining experience at various companies, including Anglo American, Newmont Mines, Princeton Mining and Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting
  • Director of Lakota Resources since September 2008, Century Aluminum Company since March 2007, Mizuho Corporate Bank (Canada) since December 2006, and IAMGOLD since May 2006


  • Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marbaw International Nickel


  • Formerly with Price Waterhouse (retired)
  • Professional Director


  • More than 20 years’ experience in natural resource development including founding Kutcho Copper Corp. (formerly Western Keltic Mines Inc.) and Plutonic Power Corp.
  • Currently Vice-Chairman of Alterra Power Corp., Chairman of the Clean Energy Association of British Columbia, and a cofounder of Oxygen Capital Corp.
  • Director of Pilot Gold and True Gold Mining, past President and Director of the AMEBC, past Director of the PDAC and a past Governor of the Business Council of British Columbia